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 Allina High

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PostSubject: Allina High   Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:53 am

Introductions to the Characters and Places-

Hex Crawford (AKA Shadow, you’ll find out
soon why that’s his nickname)- High School
Student, at the age of seventeen. Last year
of school with Jessie and Fabian. He is very
tall for his age, but he does not care about it.
He is six-nine, and loves his height. Dirty blonde
hair that complements his dark tan skin tone. He
has blue eyes, with a hint of brown and green in
them. He has not very much muscles, but he
is a little buff. He always wears plan or grey
skinny jeans, a graphic T-shirt to go with it,
a red or blue hoodie, and always wears black
converse, unless he is wearing his black skinny
jeans, then they are grey. He is a loving, sweet
guy, who has a crush on Jessie, but doesn’t want
to tell her, but Fabian keeps pushing him to.
He acts cool around Jessie, but on the inside
he is like melting by the words that she
speaks. He is also an angel, but people do not
know that he is, they think he is normal. But
really, he is not normal one bit. He can control
people if he wants to, he normally does not.

Fabian Star (AKA Zero)- High School Student
at the age of eighteen. Last year of school
along with Hex and Jessie. He Is not very tall,
but he is tall. Six-four, which he wants to be
shorter, for the reason of all the little kids run
in fear of him, only because of his height. He
has black shaggy hair, like an emo style hair cut.
Has green eyes, which change from green to
a very dark green when he is upset. He always
wears grey skinny jeans with a red graphic T-shirt,
a black hoodie, and always wears his black
converse. He keeps to himself, but for some reason
wonders why girls fall over him. He has a hot
and cold personality. He has only had one true
love, but sadly, she was taken from him by
the hunters. Hex tries to get him to date, but
nothing normally happens on the dates, he just sits
there and is completely quite. He is to smart
for school and should have graduated two
years ago, but wants to be with Hex and Jessie
so he could make sure nothing happens to them.
He is also a elemental, but only uses fire. He loves
it and will use it anytime he gets the chance to. He
uses water only when the fire has gotten out of
control. Earth and Wind are not a need for him, so
he doesn’t use them, unless he wants to show off.

Jessica Davis (AKA Jessie)- High School Student at the
age of sixteen. Last year of school as well. She is very
smart for her age. Normally she would be a junior or
sophomore, but no she is a senior. She has brown hair
with bleach blonde in a peak-a-boo style. She
keeps her hair down, but when its up, it means
either she going to fight or she’s going to be running
for her life. She is short than Hex and Fabian, a lot
shorter than them. She is five-four compared to the
boys. She has bright baby blue eyes than change to
a dark, almost black looking, blue. She wears a red
see through T-shirt with a black tank top underneath
it. She wears white pants to go with the shirt.
And she is always wearing combat boots, only because
she believes they are really comfortable on her feet.
She has a crush on Lance, one of the bad guys, but she
does not know his horrible secret. She is shy, but when
she starts to talk, nobody can make her stop.
She loves to eat, so its like her stomach is a black
hole and sucking everything up quickly making
her want more. But she hates to eat a lot.
She is one of many things, her father
created her, but she does not know her father.
She is an angel, which is mixed with a
demon, also with an elementals DNA,
a shape shifters DNA as well, and lastly
she has the ability to put people in physical
and mental pain if she pleases to do.

Lance Grayson (AKA Tiger)- High School Student
at the age of eighteen. He is a senior, which is
normal. He is the quarterback for the football team
at Allina High School in Montana. Pure southern
sweet country boy, who has an evil side to him. He
has light brown eyes that go great with his blonde
hair. Wears nice shirts for school. Wranglers for his
pants. And his shoes, they are his boots that he loves
to wear with his ‘outfit’. He works for Jessie father,
in which he calls boss-man or sir. He is a hunter and
his target is Jessie. He is called Tiger, because he was
given the DNA of a tiger. He can also control fire
and water to help him against Fabian. But he
cannot fight against Jessie, because of her power.
He cannot fight against Hex, because of his power
of controlling people. He can read minds and also
control ones emotions. He is cold, and can be warm,
but that is very rare for him. He hates it when people
do not listen to his orders and go off on their own. He
has a slight crush on Jessie, but that might soon change.
He is a ‘great hunter’, Jessie’s father tells him.

Jessie’s Father (AKA Father, Boss, or Sir)- He is
a ruthless man that hates Fabian and Hex for
escaping from the Lab and making a safe
haven for escapees. He is an angel and a demon.
He can control light and darkness, but that is it.
He sits in the dark away from everyone, always
in his office. He rarely leaves his office on missions
or going to check up on the lab. He loves to see his
new experiments that his sciencists create with the
children they take from birth or kidnap while they
are alone. He is heartless and only cares for himself
and his family, Jessie, his only daughter. Wants her
home so she could finish her DNA and make sure
that she stays at ‘home’.

Allina High School- A school on Montana, built in 1960
To help child in the little town of Allina, Montana, to
learn and get an education for the start of collage.
Its motto “No child will be left uneducated while
this school stands. We are here for one reason,
and that reason is for the children to be educated.”

Allina, Montana- Allina is a small town in
Montana. It is along the boarder of Idaho and
the population of Allina is around three to four
hundred people at the max. Everyone knows
each other and everyone tells each other
everything they have seen or they know. The
town is little and old looking, but it is still nice.
A little town hall for the mayor, then the school
beside town hall, then the small Wal-Mart,
then three or four little restaurants in the town,
and then you got your doctors office,
dentist office beside that, then to the right
of the doctors office you have the library,
then the ice cream parlor where the
High School Students meet and hang out,
then there are little shopping boutiques,
and lastly there is a nice little park for the children
up to ten go an play.


Jessie was sitting in her room and she sighed. She was bored and did not know what to do. She looked around to make sure nobody was watching her. She smiled when she seen nobody there. She then got up and started to sing into her hairbrush, well along with the music anyways. Once the song was over, she then heard a crash, then breaking of glass. Her sister screamed and then a gunshot. She gasped and then opened her window. Jessie looked back and seen the door slowly open. She then quickly, but quietly ran down the stairs of the lift. She sighed and then slipped. She fell only to make a loud noise. The man that was in her room, looked out the window and yelled “She’s out here! Lets go and hurry the h*ll up!” The man then hurried up and got through the window. He stared at Jessie with red eyes. He smiles, fang peering through his lips. Jessie screamed as she jumped off of the last flight of stairs. She then landed, but only to fall forward. She had seen feet by her head. Scrambling to her feet, she seen it was Hex. “H-Hex?” She asked softly. Hex looked down at her and shook his head. Kneeling down, he looked at her and asked softly “Why are you running?” Jessie looked at him, speechless. “Wh-Why? You ask why?! They killed my sister stupid! Just help me now!” She said in an upset tone. She hated when he asked stupid questions like that. Hex stood up pulling Jessie to her feet as well. “Well then, lets get you out of here.” He spoke and then pulled her close to him. “Hang on if you want to live. I’ll take you somewhere safe where they’ll never get you.” Jessie nodded and wrapped her arms around Hex’s body and then said “Okay I’m hanging on.” Hex smiled as he wrapped his arms around her and then unfurled his wings. Jumping into the sky, he took off quickly and then slowly glided in the sky. Knowing that the men would follow them, he then picked up his speed, flying towards the campgrounds. Jessie opened her eyes and then gasped. “H-Hex? W-We’re flying?!” She exclaimed and then let go of Hex, only out of shock though. “Yes we are silly.” Hex said with a smile and then frowned when Jessie let go. He pulled her up into his arms and then looked down at her. Jessie clung upon Hex’s neck and the looked down. She had a fear of heights and never liked them. Hex sighed once they were over the campgrounds. He slowly landed and gently landed on the ground. He put Jessie on the ground and looked at her, as she was still clinging on to his neck. Jessie felt the earth under feet and she smiled. She then looked at Hex and blushed. Pushing him away, she looked at the ground and said, “Don’t ever do that again!” Hex laughed and then spoke “Sure.”
Jessie looked around the campgrounds and sighed. Hex pulled her along with him so she could meet the leader of the camp. “You’re going to love our leader. Anyways this is going to be your new home. Your perfectly safe here.” He said and then stopped at the camp leaders tent. “Sir?” Hex asked softly. “What is it?” The leader spoke as he stood up form the bed. Jessie could see him; he was hurt, bleeding, and wounded. She looked away as she felt like it was weird to see him. She then looked back up to see that he was putting a new pair of pants on. He then stood up off the bed and moved towards the tent opening. “Oh, Hello Hex. I see you have brought our newest member.” He spoke with a smile. Pain coursed through his body, but he lived through it. “Hello Miss. I’m Fabian, but mostly everyone calls me Zero. “ He spoke with a smile once more. Jessie smiled and said, “Hello Fabian, I’m Jessica Davis, but you can call me Jessie. Its my nickname.” Fabian smiled and then spoke “Please the both of you come in. I was just resting for a second. I’m badly injured and I am not supposed to be on my feet, but I need to be. I see you both know each other. Hex, he is my right hand man. He is second in command of everything when I am down like I am. I was going to come help you, but I couldn’t. I am sorry for that. Normal I would save the newest members of our camp, unless I am truly hurt.” Jessie looked at him and then smiled. “It is fine. Do not worry about one thing. Hex is a life long friend and I am glad he had saved me.”

Chapter 1
The Museum Plan

“Jessica Davis?” The teacher called out. “Here.” Jessie spoke out loud. The teacher looked up and smiled. “Okay class that is all. Lets get ready to go on the fieldtrip. Make sure you have all of your things, bags, phones, money, and etcetera. Just make sure it is all in your sights at all times. In fact make sure you keep it all with you at all times.” He spoke. He then walked out of the classroom and waited for his students to all walk out of the classroom after him. Jessie was the first one out. Hex followed after her. Fabian looked at them and yawned softly. The three of them, they stay together as brothers and one sister, they watch out and care for one another. “Okay we’ll all get on the bus and have two buddies to be around. So find your buddies now.” The teacher spoke. Every girl ran up to Fabian and Hex. Pushing Jessie out of the way, she moved towards the bus area and sighed. “Do you think we would go with anyone else?” Hex asked as he grabbed her hand. “No, we’re a team. And a team sticks together.” Fabian spoke. “Right, we all stick together. We are protectors of the weak, the ones looking for the lost to help them be found, and we take not sh*t form anyone.” Hex chuckled. Fabian laughed. Jessie giggled lightly and then locked arms with them both of them. “Okay lets go get the backseat then.” She spoke and then headed off quickly to get the back seat.
Once in the bus, they looked at each other and smiled. The teacher looked at the three and asked “Buddies?” Fabian, Hex and Jessie all nodded and replied “Yes sir.” The teacher nodded and then started to get all the names of who were buddies with whom. Once that was done, the bus started, and then began to leave. The teacher sighed as he started to tell everyone about the rules and how everyone was to act. Jessie and Hex laughed at the rules. Fabian looked at them and quickly said, “Hush you two. You listen to the ones higher than you, that means teacher including.” Jessie and Hex shut up and listened to the teacher once more. They looked at everyone as well and then smiled. Jessie seen Lance, the one she had been crushing on once they all enrolled in school. She sighed and then looked down at the bus floor. She knew he would never like her because she was not of his posy. She was sitting alone in her own seat when she seen Lance get up. He walked back to the back and looked around. The seat he was in was to crowded for three people. He looked at Jessie and asked, “May I sit?” Jessie looked up and then gestured, “I don’t mind.” She moved over towards the window and went completely silent. Lance looked at her and asked softly “Are you alright?” Jessie nodded and answered, “I am fine.” Lance looked at her and replied, “Well you are not talking. You seem shy about when I am sitting here.” Jessie looked at him and went to say ‘well’, but Hex jumped in, “She normally does not talk to people she barely knows anyways.” Lance nodded and then started to talk to Jessie again. Jessie smiled as she was talking to him.

The bus arrived one hour later at the museum. Jessie sighed and then looked at them. Fabian nodded and then said “I know what you mean.” Hex chuckled and then stood up and stood in line waiting for everyone to get off of the bus. Lance looked at Jessie and then asked “So do you and your friends what to come to a party later?” Jessie looked at him and then looked at Hex and Fabian. “That sounds fun.” Fabian said sarcastically. Hex nodded and replied “Sounds great. What time?” Lance shrugged and said “Its doesn’t matter. Just come anytime you want to.” Jessie nodded and spoke “Sure whatever.” Lance smiled and then said, “Okay cool. See you there then.” He stood up and then went to catch up with his friends. Fabian looked at Jessie and then said, “I do not trust this boy what so ever.” “Neither do I.” Hex said as he agreed with Fabian. Jessie sighed and then said “Whatever. You both never trust anyone that talks to me right away. You normally think that they are the bad guys.”

Lance got off of the bus and walked over to his friends. He then grabbed his phone and called his boss. “Yeah there coming over tonight for the party sir. -- Okay sir see you then.” He then hung up the phone and looked at his friends, then spoke, “They’re coming over to night and be ready to grab the girl and knock out the two guards of hers. She’s important and needs to be taken away form them. She was a weapon of the bosses from when she was born. That is his offspring and she needs to be captured. She is our weapon and she is very valuable. We have tried for seven years to get her, but it really has not worked out. The woman that we had to kill, she was her foster sister. That did not work out because we did not explain why we did that. We need to watch them at any cost. The bosses orders.”

The class ventured into the museum and then everyone sighed. Jessie and Hex looked at each other and then turned to Fabian and then said unison, ”This is boring.” “It’s for educational purposes and this is where the teacher want to come. I know it is boring, but deal with it.” Fabian spoke plainly. He knew that they were going to say that, and he had already made his reply. Fabian smiled and then walked forwards to where the bones where. He looked at them carefully, he knew they were not real, they were simply all fake, but he did nothing to speak up. He chuckled to himself and then looked back to Jessie and Hex. Jessie looked at Fabian and smiled softly. She knew what he was thinking, but she did not tell him. She was one that could read minds, but she could do more than just that. Hex walked up behind Jessie, he then placed his hand on her shoulder knowing something was going to happen. He wanted to speak, but Jessie just stared at him telling him not to. Hex nodded and then looked at all the artifacts around the museum. He yawned to indicate that they were all boring.

After the tour of the museum, the class moved back out towards the lobby, some went to the gift shop and some stood in the lobby waiting for the others that had went into the gift shop. Jessie skipped into the gift shop and looked around. She smiled and then grabbed a best friend necklace, then one that was a bracelet. She smiled and happily paid for them. Running out to Fabian, she grabbed his hand and placed the bracelet on his wrist and then her bracelet on her wrist. Standing on her tiptoes in front of Hex, she put the necklace around his neck. She also placed her necklace around her neck. Smiling Jessie looked at them and spoke “This will indicate that we are true best friends. And also we will never leave each other to perish in death of anything.” She looked around saying the last sentence rather quietly. Fabian and Hex chuckled as they nodded. “Alright you got it.” Hex spoke with a smile. Fabian said nothing, but he was smiling on the inside and the out. “Come on class. The bus is waiting.” The teacher said somewhat loudly. The lobby magnified his voice and made it echo as well. All the students that where left I n the gift shop they all quickly paid for their items. Once everyone was in the lobby, they walk to the bus and sat where that morning. Fabian smiled as he looked at Jessie. He was happy that she was being more social with them, but he wasn’t happy on the inside. Because of the party, he knew Hex would get a bad feeling, want to leave, but Jessie would keep them there. He sighed knowing what would possible happen next. Fabian thought about that the whole way back to the school. Jessie and Hex conversed all the way back.

Once at the school everyone race off the bus to get home. They had left at the beginning of school and gotten back an hour after school. Fabian and Hex walked over to Fabian’s car and got in. Jessie smiled and waved by to Lance and then hurried off. She got into the car and then waited for the party to begin. She was to excited to hold any of it in. Hex looked backwards to Jessie knowing she was ready to party, but he didn’t want to go. He didn’t want them all to go as a matter of fact. Fabian started the car and drove off. Leaving town they went to the countryside where they all lived. Just the three of them after the hunter came and snatched everyone else they lived with. Knowing that nobody could have survived, Fabian had disregarded everything about the camp, the hunters, and all their powers. He sighed as all the memories came flowing back into his head. He then pulled up to the rode leading to the house. Punching in the numbers to the gate, he waited for it to open. Slowing opening, Fabian easy up and waited once more. The gate finally opened. Fabian drove to the house and yawned. He was tired for this day, but he couldn’t rest, as he knew the party was soon. Once he parked the car, Jessie jumped out and ran to her room in a full-blown sprint. Fabian got out of the car and went to his room in his normal steady pace. Hex followed after him, a bit nervous about the party.
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PostSubject: Re: Allina High   Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:53 am

This is my story I created.. Hope you guys like it!!
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Allina High
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