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 Rae of Black Sun

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PostSubject: Rae of Black Sun   Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:57 am

This is a novel I am writing, I am also drawing pictures of characters and parts of the plot. Please comment critique and/or compliments!

“You know, you don’t have to do this,” Jared said, loading his shotgun. I looked and cocked my own, blasting the chest of an oncoming Morpher. My face got splattered with even more blood.
“I think I’m ok,” I said to Jason. We were both crouched behind a yellow taxi together. I looked up slowly through the windows of the taxi. The Morphers were everywhere, armed with guns. “Where’s Chernobyl? We need to get out there and fight.”
“I haven’t seen him since this morning. Not even somewhere on the streets fighting,” Jason said sounding worried.
“Then we go without him,” I said decisively, checking my semi-automatic strapped to my hip and my automatic machine gun on my back for ammo.
Jason breathed heavily and closed his eyes for a second then looked at me. “Don’t worry, Rae, I’ll protect you,” he said, suddenly trying to sound all heroic and manly.
I rolled my eyes at him. “Promise?” I asked sarcastically. “Ok, I have a plan.” I leaned over and whispered it to him.
“You really think that will work? Will they cooperate once we get there?” Jason asked.
“Come on, Jason. Who am I?” I said, spreading my arms cockily.
Jason sighed, still a little unsure. “Alright, let’s do it.”
I counted down from 3 then yelled, “Go!” unfurling my large wings and flapping them to attract all the Morphers attention. I jumped over the hood of the taxi, shooting a bunch of Morphers in the chest with my shotgun. It might not kill them, which I have begun to believe is impossible to do, but as long as you hit them right, it prevents them from morphing for a few days at least. My shotgun soon ran out of ammo. I dropped it, no time to reload. I grabbed my machine gun from my back and started firing, cut a smooth line through the Morphers. We were quickly making our way to the Chrysler Building. Suddenly, I tripped and fell, sliding along the ground a good five feet, getting a layer of skin taken off for each one. One of my wings had a ton of feathers pulled out. Well, guess we won’t be flying anymore, I thought looking at it. Then I looked back to see what I had tripped on. I traced the now slack string with my eye as Jason finally caught up, out of breath. “Oh, crap!” I yelled, seeing the now grenade the string had been attached to.
“Wha-” Jason was cut off by the explosion. We were both blasted over into the building next to us. I got skinned even more, and the explosion through in a bunch of burns, just for good measure. Jason and I had both died almost instantly.
“Heh, heh, heh, that should keep ’em down for a while,” a Morpher with a machine gun in his hands said as he came in, stepping over the burning rubble.
“For a while? I was thinking more like forever,” a female Morpher said from outside. “Burn the bodies, but do it quickly.” She walked over and leaned over the corpses. “Don’t worry, we’ll treat ya real nice.” She said in a heavy New York accent. She laughed evilly, turning around and starting to head out.
“Promise?” She stopped.
“Impossible,” she said quietly to herself, turning around slowly.
I smiled, my eyes still closed. She came back and leaned over me really close, and when I could feel her cigarette laced breath, I opened my now pure black eyes.
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Rae of Black Sun
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